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Coś o sobie: Music (songs) can be very effective in helping children to learn their multiplication tables. It works with the brain in manners that we are not yet fully aware of, but it is certain that music enhances learning and brain function. Parents and tutors often see solving multiplication facts as a warm-up exercise before the learning process begins. But without adequate information, they skip essential steps in the multiplication learning journey. So, this article outlines the appropriate way to set up and oversee multiplication facts practice. SplashLearn is a popular online tool that parents, teachers, and tutors alike use to help their students practice math concepts outside of tutoring hours. In fact, many public schools use SplashLearn in the classroom and a teaching aid. Parts of this program are free to use, though more advanced lessons will require a premium membership. Essentially, this digital tool is a gamified online learning platform designed to teach young children a variety of different subjects, one being math. For second and third graders, this is a great tool to use to help them memorize their multiplication tables and actually feel motivated to “win.”
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